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Polygraph services provided to Individuals,
Corporate Businesses and the Legal Profession.
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Professionally trained American Polygraph Association Examiners using the latest techniques and equipment. We believe our services exemplify the standard of Professional Excellence in New England. Our service covers Maine and New Hampshire.
The following provides some basics of how the Polygraph can be used:

Pre-Employment Testing for Law Enforcement

Why put your agency at risk by employing someone who could be undesirable or dishonest. Our testing consists of a comprehensive pre-employment security interview into the areas of education, work history, gambling, indebtedness, criminality, honesty and illegal drug use. Polygraph testing of this nature is standard for most US Government employees. Our Examiners are approved by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy to conduct police Pre-employment and MCJA admission testing.

Domestic Dispute Resolution

We specialize in resolving marital / partnership trust issues. If your need to effectively prove your innocence, or uncover deception, taking a Polygraph test will provide you with the information you need to move forward. The tests are treated with strict confidentiality and discretion.

Post Conviction Sexual Offender Testing (PCSOT)

This is a specialized area of Polygraph testing, requiring comprehensive Examiner training. We work with therapists, local communities and authorities to ensure that convicted sexual offenders are adhering to the rules of their treatment and probation, and ensure they are not involved in re-offending.

Verifying Media Sources

Polygraph is also used by media organizations to verify stories and their sources. If you are a news outlet and wish to validate a story line or resource before publishing, Polygraph testing can aid your organization through confidential examination of any person or persons involved.

Employee Theft/Fraud

Polygraph is effective in addressing an issue of theft or deception made against you. It is also instrumental If you believe that an employee has been deceptive. Taking a Polygraph exam will provide you with that additional information necessary to make an appropriate and logical decision, based on all the evidence. (Not permitted in Maine due to State law)

Bribery/Kickback Allegations

Polygraph exams can be administered in these situations for truth verification. Using the Polygraph, we can get to the bottom of the issue. You may be a Individual who wants to prove your innocence or an employer looking for clarification.

False and Malicious Allegations

You may be accused of doing something that you are unable to prove you didn’t do. Taking a Polygraph examination will answer whether the allegation or issue you have been accused of is true or false. A Polygraph examination can be used to support your claim of innocence.


We work with a number of Private Investigators and Defense Attorneys in assisting with their investigations by using the Polygraph in a number of different ways to get the results their clients deserve. Contact us for ways in which we may benefit your client base.

Sporting and Tournament Organizations

Polygraph examinations are available to provide testing for all tournaments and contests where participants have an opportunity to violate the rules or otherwise cheat in an attempt to win cash or prizes. Polygraph exams can be very useful to deter cheating. Tests can also be provided for steroid and drug misuse.

Polygraph Examinations

Polygraph testing is a very effective tool for either verifying truthfulness or detecting lies and deceit. Polygraphs are used to either confirm or exonerate a person’s involvement in any suspect activity or wrongdoing. Polygraph testing is of great assistance in the absence of other corroborative evidence.

Polygraph testing can be a valuable aid when conducting an Investigation. It has allowed Investigators to either exonerate or implicate suspects or witnesses. Testing can substantially save Investigators and private corporations investigative costs and resources. Polygraphs are also extremely useful for attorneys in formulating a defense approach for their clients, as well as instrumental to discussions with prosecutorial entities and the court system. Our services assist by narrowing the focus of inquiry and potentially providing further investigative leads. In most cases, Polygraph evidence is used during pre-trial investigation and preparation rather than during the actual trial. Ultimately, it is the role of the courts and juries to determine guilt or innocence. Time and time again Polygraph examinations have proven an effective means for verifying truth. If you need to prove your innocence or expose deception, the Polygraph is the only definitive way of doing so. All our examiners are highly qualified and professional. We offer a reliable, flexible discreet service. All inquiries are treated in the strictest of confidence and all general inquiries are welcome. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can personalize the Polygraph experience for your needs.